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L'AAMIS Pure White Serum | Suitable For All Skin Type | 50gm


Rs. 1,700.00

L'AAMIS Pure White Serum, a powerful solution that Illuminates your beauty from within. Infused with key ingredients like Sunflower seed oil, Argan oil, and Passionfruit seed oil, this serum provides targeted care to address pigmentation concerns while nourishing and revitalising your skin. Sunflower seed oil nourishes the skin, promotes a healthy complexion, and helps reduce inflammation, Argan oil reduces signs of ageing, and restores radiance, and Passionfruit seed oil improves skin tone, brightens complexion, and provides deep hydration.

  • Reduces Pigmentation: Formulated to target pigmentation concerns, helping to fade dark spots and even out skin tone. This aids in reducing the appearance of pigmentation and provides a clearer and more luminous complexion.
  • Boosts Radiance: This cleanser helps to boost your skin's natural radiance. It brightens dull skin, resulting in a youthful and glowing complexion.
  • Gentle and Effective Cleansing: This ensures gentle yet thorough cleansing, removing impurities, dirt, and excess oil without stripping away essential moisture.
  • Nourishes and Hydrates: Provides deep nourishment and hydration to your skin. It helps to maintain the skin's moisture barrier, preventing dryness and promoting a soft and supple texture.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: It helps to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, leaving your complexion brighter and more radiant.
  • Argan Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it deeply hydrates the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Passionfruit Seed Oil: A potent source of antioxidants and vitamins that help combat pigmentation and dullness. It brightens the skin and promotes a radiant complexion, while also providing essential nutrients for optimal skin health.

Apply on clean face in circular motion, massage gently till it absorbs. Use daily.


L'AAMIS Pure White Serum | Suitable For All Skin Type | 50gm

Rs. 1,700.00
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